Congress to crush MIM?

Posted : November 17, 2012 at 6:22 am IST by ManaTelugu
Congress High Command and ruling AP Govt is still sulking and peeved at the way MIM led by Owaisi insulted them after reaping in full benefits during these 8 yrs association with them. Cong seniors felt that crushing MIM before it takes on tour across the state is nothing difficult but needs guts and will power. They advocate the party should follow TDP style, when it ruled the state.

Seniors feel hurt at MIM ways and say it was Cong that helped MIM grow under its wings going overboard by making favorable decisions in all policy matters. They feel that once CM and party act tough in old city and crush MIM there, Asad can be bought to the discussion table. However they wonder whether they can take any initiative. They feel once police,municipal and revenue depts are totally overhauled in Old City and appoint honest and daring officials who can take on MIM thugs, half the job would be done.They feel that deploying taskforce and counter intelligence wings in old city, MIM can be crushed politically.

They feel by encouraging MIM opponents in old city, the party can be taught a lesson. They are still sulking that MIM got benefits right from transfers in police,transco,waterworks etc and even gained mayor seat but still ditched when it need the most.