Congress’ child play with ‘T’ coin

Posted : October 19, 2012 at 7:08 am IST by ManaTelugu
Telangana people and telangana sentiment seems to have become laughing stock for the Congress High Command. If one watches the actions of Union Govt and the statements issued by the ministers one gets the feeling that Cong is playing like a small child with ‘T’ coin. Everyday conflicting reports come in media from its own sources in Govt. While some say it is in favor of telangana formation and anytime an announcement to this effect will be coming in two days later which there will be cabinet expansion in which KCR will be inducted as Union Minister, another report will come with Home Minister contradicting the earlier statement that formation of telangana is not possible at all and there won’t be even an all party meet in near future.
Many feel that Congress is deliberately planting these stories in the media to leave people in confusion while placating its leaders from both regions who take refuge in these stories and try to take people from both the regions for a ride.
One wonder when all this drama on telangana will be stopped and a permanent solution will be found so that people of the state can live in peace.