Colours Swati made Nani Incovenient

Posted : January 26, 2013 at 10:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Colors Swati the maa tv colours programme and Astachamma movie fame Swati made Hero Nani to feel inconvenient in the audio release function of Nikhil and Swati’s film “Swami ra ra” . News from the sources is that in the audio release  function of Swami ra ra ,the hero and heroine took the centre stage as anchors in the middle of the function swati made a few comments on hero Nani ,who was one of the guest in the audio release function that he became bit slim after his marriage, this was picked up by many who were around and they also taunted him, as per sources.

Saying it once or twice is okay but being colleagues, repeating it constantly is something unacceptable . Those who were present in the function have listnened to this comment and they got thinking,this made hero Nani annoyed ,but he kept quiet that is his character. Well one should not do such silly acts in audio release functions is the general man thinking, Manchu Manoj, were the other guest along with unit members of the film in the function