Colors Swathi threatened by Nandamuri fans!

Posted : March 3, 2014 at 11:15 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Well, fans of any hero don’t take it lightly when their matinee idols name is projected in a comedic way. An enthusiastic producer named his film after Balakrishna to create curiosity among audiences. A Tamil film ‘Idakku Thanai Aasaipatta Balakumara’ has been named ‘Idega Aasa Paddav Bala-Krishna’ in Telugu.

Name of Balakrishna being used in this title caught the attention of his fans. They didn’t like their favorite hero’s name to be used for publicity purpose. Despite stern warnings from Balakrishna’s fans the makers continued to promote the film with the same name. But the makers have finally given up.

This film is now titled ‘Idega Aasapaddav’. There won’t be any taglines or something that connects to Balakrishna in any way. Colors Swathi is playing the lead in this film and she wouldn’t like her film’s title to land in a controversy of some sorts. You should never mess with the fans of any South Superstar to that matter. Well done NBK fans!