Collusion between the YSR Congress and TRS

Posted : June 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu
YSR Congress senior leader Boda Janardan  has left the party. Expressing doubts of a collusion between the YSR Congress and TRS, he said he was suspecting that Jagan�s party would field dummy candidates to facilitate the victory of the TRS candidates.

Speaking after faxing his resignation to the party, Boda said they had expected YSR Congress would grow as an alternative to TRS and were disappointed as no such indications were available. Expressing suspicion that TRS and YSRCP would work together, Boda said this was the reason why YSR Congress had not developed cadres in the Telangana region though it was three years since the party was launched. He said there was the possibility of the YSR Congress fielding dummy candidates against TRS, to facilitate their victory. He said this was the reason why he chose to come out. He complained that the party had not bothered about his suggestions. Boda was Adilabad district YSRCP convener. Soyam Babu another leader and their cadres also left the party.