Collection King’s cheap tricks

Posted : November 8, 2012 at 5:45 am IST by ManaTelugu
Collection King Mohan Babu is known for his adamant ways. Many times he lashed out at his own colleagues courting controversies and is always remembered for slapping his daughter and dragging her in full media gaze when she was about to get married to her lover. Even telangana agitation was at his peak, he invited the wrath of telangana people by organizing a press conference and lashing out at the protesters and even daring to confront them.
Now recently his son Vishnu who was starved of success, finally scored a decent hit with ‘Denikaina Ready’. However the film plunged into controversy with Brahmin Organisations protesting against some objectionable scenes in the film. Instead of trying to solve the problem amicably, Mohan Babu producer of the film, made fun of them saying they were not real Brahmins and they came only for alms like beggars.
As if this was not enough his son Vishnu attacked them when they were protesting in front of the house. Now yesterday Mohan Babu in his house organized a press meet with Brahmins coming from Tamil Nadu who sang praises about him. They said Mohan Babu never hurt anyone’s feelings and found fault with Brahmin organizations for doing ‘Pinda Pradanam’ to him. Many feel Collection King is only precipitating the matter rather than trying to solve the issue amicably.