CM shocks Ministers

Posted : November 14, 2012 at 11:16 am IST by ManaTelugu
When political analysts, parties and leaders thought that MIM’s withdrawal of support to CM Kiran led Cong govt will send shivers down the spine of Kiran, he inturn shocked his ministers. Yesterday during festival when all ministers were busy with their celebrations, their mobiles rang much to their surprise. When they thought that CM called them to wish Diwali greetings, they were invited for a small discussion. All of them thought that CM will be discussing the tense atmosphere in the old city. Even entire media covered the news as though CM would be discussing about the issue.

However when entire team of cabinet met in the evening at 5.30 PM, much to the surprise of all CM Kiran shocked them speaking about Nilam cyclone. Just five minutes at the end of the speech he spoke about MIM issue saying he is bringing it to their notice. CM and then Home Minister maintained that they were just following the high court orders and rituals at the temple were in progress as normal every year during dussera. Dy CM intervened and said there were some other reasons behind MIM decision. Danam felt it’s below the dignity to speak about MIM issue at high level meet while Botsa said since MIM used to be their trusted partner one should not speak to media about the matter much.