CM Kiran’s show of Courage

Posted : December 1, 2012 at 10:30 am IST by ManaTelugu
Many feel Kiran Kumar Reddy is only a mere puppet placed in CM chair and high command will be making him dance according to their tunes. This impression is not only in general public and opposition parties but also in Cong party itself. Even his cabinet colleagues and MLAs,MLCs donot consider him as CM and don’t give the respect the chair deserves.

Day in and day out all and sundry leaders criticise CM on one issue and other and many ministers after coming out of the cabinet lash out at CM saying he is unfit to rule. All this is nothing new but CM Kiran yesterday in a rare display of courage took a tough call and informed in cabinet meet that CM has full rights to sack a cabinet minister if he goes against the decision of cabinet and criticises in public.

He even cited Supreme Court ruling in Deva Gowda case and put his minister DL.Ravindra Reddy who is going all out in criticising CM on note, sending subtle warning messages. This came as a surprise to many and one feel that he might have got orders from High Command to act tough on dissent.