CM Kiran pours cold water on KCR

Posted : October 3, 2012 at 10:34 am IST by ManaTelugu
While KCR and his TRS team is hoping hope against hope that Central Govt will come with some positive statement on Telangana after all the happenings in Delhi for the past one month, CM Kiran much to the surprise of all, ruled out Telananga formation stating division of state for political gains is not possible. This stunned all as Kiran can not dare to issue such statements with out the approval from high command. While national leaders from the party started giving subtle covert and overt signals on Telananga that the decision on it won’t be that easy, and with even Sonia Gandhi stating Telangana is not discussed in any of her meetings, Kiran sending this strong statement shows hardening of Cong stand vis a vis KCR and his party TRS.
This put paid to the hopes of KCR who was looking for some kind of face saving formula as he skipped telangana march sitting in Delhi. Already many are drawing daggers out with Vimalakka being in the fore front spitting venom on him saying lobbying and talks will not fetch telangana. Now it has to be seen how KCR will react to Kiran’s statements. Many are feeling this is jut another drama enacted by Cong and TRS and their love hate relationship continues till 2014.