CM Kiran-Ph.D(Magician)

Posted : October 26, 2012 at 6:54 am IST by ManaTelugu
CM Kiran is currently facing strong opposition not only from his own party people but also from opposition. While his own party men and cabinet ministers including Dy CM are at logger heads with him not allowing him to discharge his duty and introduce some schemes and policies on behalf of Govt, opposition leaders are assaulting him with volley of questions.
Recently Sharmila who hit the roads alleged that CM Kiran attained Ph.D as magician and as such is indulging in doing magical jumbling with numbers on various schemes introduced by her late father and the then CM YSR.She said Kiran and the present Govt punched holes on all her dad’s pet projects.
She went hammer and tongs on Kiran saying while her father gave uninterrupted free power, at present Govt is not at all able to generate power. She even spoke about the nexus between CM Kiran and former CM Chandra Babu who colluded with each other to send her brother Jagan to jail as he is proving to be a deathknell to them. She cited CBN’s secret meetings with the then Home Minister Chidambaram. She expressed hope that Jagan will be out of jail soon and take care of these evil doers.