CM Kiran engulfed in debts?

Posted : September 16, 2012 at 5:22 pm IST by ManaTelugu

One wonder what signals CM is getting but he is busy enjoying his ‘Indiramma Bata’ undeterred by the reports emanating in the national media about imminent change at the top post. During his tour many people and weavers directly questioned the CM as to how they could lead their lives when one gets mere Rs 500 for a saree woven by them, for 15 days. They with tears in their eyes started questioning as to why loans and debts are not waived off.
But much to the shock of all instead of offering a solution to the weavers problem and promise waiver of loans, took class to them asking them to be brave and move ahead. He even asked them to take him as example saying even he is in debts and has lot of loans to repay. He pointed MP Manda Jagannatham and Minister DK.Aruna and said even they are in debts and having trouble in repaying loans. He said suicide is not the solution if one can not repay loans.
Many are left wondering what message and signals Kiran is sending with such kind of reasoning when people are suffering due to acute poverty. Wonder how people who are in dire straits take his message