CM and Dy CM Power War !

Posted : October 25, 2012 at 6:29 am IST by ManaTelugu
Everyone is aware that for the smooth functioning of Govt, all ministers and leaders work hand in hand so that State can achieve over all development and people can prosper in all walks of life. However current leaders and Ruling party seems to have forgotten this simple fact as they are more interested in power fights and achieve their personal ambitions rather than work for the common man. Ministers in the cabinet will not work in unison and even though they agree for Govt policies, will secretly work against them.There is cold war between cabinet ministers and CM, MPS and CM, MLAs and CM  and Dy CM and CM.

 Even when Govt functioning has become standstill, Cong high command at center is more than happy that atleast its partyis there in Power.Over the past few months has seen war of words between CM Kiran and Dy CM Damodar Rajanarasihma, with Dy CM publicly expressing his opposition to CM on various fronts and even leading a delegation against him to Delhi. Now more recently CM Kiran planned to visit DY CM’s constituency Andolu,Medak dist. However Dy CM turned furious that CM planned the tour with out informing him. This angered CM who cancelled the visit and flew off with out visiting the place.