Chiru’s cousin with Pawan’s disciple

Posted : July 19, 2013 at 3:03 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The mega family is growing in size and due to that their dominance over Tollywood is also increasing. Earlier it was just Chiranjeevi but today there are many stars. Now, one more name to join that club is Rahul Venkat. He is arriving with the film ‘Alias Janaki’ and this is hitting the screens soon.

Rahul Venkat is reportedly a cousin to Chiranjeevi but he has maintained he would continue to create his own identity and not take mega image. And here is an interesting thing. The film is directed by Dayaa K and he happens to be a disciple of Pawan Kalyan. Dayaa has reportedly worked with Pawan for 11 years.

It is heard that he is there with Pawan from the time of ‘Khushi’ to his recent ‘Panjaa’. So, a lot of Pawan influence is on him. Reports say even ‘Alias Janaki’ is made with a lot of human values and bringing a difference to society. Since it has that Pawan touch we have to see if power star fans will support this film or not.