Why Should Chiru Save Thoofan People?

Posted : September 5, 2013 at 6:10 am IST by ManaTelugu

Ever since the news of a movie distributor in Overseas backed out from distributing Thoofan in USA, many discussions and demands are being heard widely. One among them seeks Chiranjeevi should help them out and stressing that he should prove that he still stands by his ‘Samajika Nyayam’ demand.

Cine analysts who are hearing that demand are laughing heavily looking at the ‘greed’ of those distributors or those who involved with that distribution. Firstly, these distributors never buy Thoofan/Zanjeer for love on Chiranjeevi or Charan, but only to pocket money from the success of the flick. They never give a rupee to Chiru when the flick scores a brownie, and there is no need for Chiru to give them back the money they paid as advance to Reliance.

Secondly, a distributor never says that he will pay fewer prices as there is less promotion for the movie. That too when a big studio and marketing giant like Reliance Entertainment is in the arena, these distributors cannot make everyone believe that lack of promotion led them to drop from distribution. Maybe they would have failed to pool the money required to buy it, and in that case they wouldnot have attempted to buy Thoofan in the first place, says an observer.

To finish off, if distributors fail to strike proper deal with Thoofan producers, then they should go to Anil Ambani’s house in Mumbai, but accusing Chiranjeevi with his social justice caption is unfair and senselessness.