Chiru and Pawan fight goes public on stage

Posted : February 27, 2014 at 7:43 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan fights might end today and they both will hug each other on stage to end all rumors is the talk held until yesterday regarding mega family clashes rumors. But nothing as they dreamed happened on stage and adding more pain complete reverse situation happened on stage which shocked mega fans.

Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan attended movie launch function of Varun tej son of Naga babu and they both did not even meet once in function. Pawan kalyan and Chiranjeevi did not even talk to each other and the irony part of the plot is that Pawan kalyan left movie launch while chiru started speaking.
Chiranjeevi even asked where is Pawan kalyan and someone behind said that he is out of function already; Chiranjeevi is out of expressions with that answer and tried to cover his face expressions with his words. So this clarifies that there are clashes between mega families and nothing spread until date are rumors.