Chiru to learn 5 things from Pawan !

Posted : March 16, 2014 at 9:34 am IST by ManaTelugu


Soon after Pawan Kalyan delivered his most-awaited speech during the launch of his political party Jana Sena, people are quick to compare Pawan Kalyan’s speech with his elder brother Chiranjeevi’s speech during the launch of Praja Rajyam in Tirupathi. Unanimously, people are giving thumbs up to Pawan’s speech. It’s time for Chiranjeevi to correct his mistakes.

Here are the five things Chiranjeevi should learn from Pawan Kalyan:

1. The problem with Chiranjeevi is he tries to impress “All”. He should understand that Politics is not Cinema. And impressing “everyone” in politics is impossible although convincing everyone with Cinema is also highly unlikely. Rather trying to impress crowd, Chiru should just speak from the bottom of his heart just like Pawan Kalyan did. And leave it to people.

2. Chiranjeevi’s speech at PRP was totally based on political jargon unlike Pawan’s. Pawan honestly admitted that he hasn’t used to political jargon. This is Pawan’s biggest score as his speech appealed natural. Whereas Chiru always speak and does cliches. If one trying to bring Change, they should look different from the rest.

3. Chiranjeevi rarely attacked (issue-based) anyone in his political speeches. He always stick to his stand of impressing all- even his political rivals- which don’t work at all. Pawan’s speech is hard-hitting. He took a clear stand against Congress and partly against TRS and gave fitting counters to everyone and didn’t spare anyone in his scathing attack. Chiru should learn that guts from Pawan Kalyan.

4. Chiranjeevi should not run after power, position. They’ll certainly come to him if he stands by people. Chiru often compared himself to veteran NTR and want to become CM just like NTR became in record 6 months. (This is why Chiru floated his PRP just 6 months before 2009 elections although he decided to float party much before than that). Chiru should stop imitating others and try to look unique in politics too.

5. Above all, Actions speak louder than words. Chiru has miserably failed in this aspect. He merged his PRP with Congress and betrayed the trust of people who voted him. Despite being Rajya Sabha member, Union Minister he hardly done anything for Common Man. At least, from now, Chiru should seriously think about this aspect. He should fight on behalf of Aam Admi.

No doubt, Chiru is the best actor compared to Pawan but Chiru falls flat when it comes to politics.