Chiranjeevi should feel ashamed – Actor Suresh

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 11:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Chiranjeevi the mega star in film industry is not at all liked by any of his fans for his behavior in Politics. Money and position changed him completely and he is no longer the real life hero for his fans. His political launch was grandly done and PRP ( Praja Rajyam) was also established in a grand way.

But later his party lost grip in politics and he finally merged it into Congress for a position. Recently Pawan kalyan launched a new party Jana sena but Chiru who failed to be successful in politics is degrading his brother party too by his comments saying Congress party is reason behind people to call themselves as Indians.

These comments shocked every single Indian and even film actor Suresh, he comments that Chiranjeevi should feel ashamed of him and think once before talking something like that. I am big fan of him in films but in politics is nothing but just a nut.