Charan goes for a Swim with Brat

Posted : August 1, 2013 at 2:44 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Ram Charan is very much attached to his dog Brat which was gifted by his dear wife Upasana on his recent Birthday. He is now busy training the pet how to swim. ‘My over smart brat teaching me how to swim… But he doesn’t realise I support him. Haaha…,’ comments the actor, after posting the pic that was shot when they were having fun in the swimming pool at his residence.

The first thing Ram Charan would be doing after returning to home from shoot would be going to his mom’s room to find what Brat is doing and then wait for Upasana to reach home after her work. He even considers the pet dog as his first child and takes a lot of care about it. That’s all about Charan-Brat’s bonding!