Charan Is Famous Than Pawan & Mahesh !!

Posted : December 16, 2013 at 1:20 am IST by ManaTelugu


In the Forbes ‘2013 Celebrity 100 List’, the ‘Fame Rank’ has quite a few surprises for Tollywood. Despite of their better Celebrity Rank, and Money Rank, bigger stars like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are far behind their young competitor Ram Charan.

In terms having ‘fame’ across the nation and worldwide, Ram Charan stood at 72nd position. However, Tollywood’s highest earner and currenty industry record holder Pawan Kalyan stands behind him at 79th place, while Mahesh is further back at 84th place. Surprisingly, Charan is immedialyte followed by Raviteja (73) and Sania Mirza (74) in terms of ‘Fame Rank’. Also, senior hero Nagarjuna is also behind Charan at 75th rank. One wonders what made Ram Charan fetch so much fame even though other contenders in the list are somewhat senior and bigger than him.

Many say that Ram Charan’s Bollywood entry with flop flick ‘Zanjeer’ has brought him so much attention. Also Charan’s road side brawl involving his security guards catapulted him to headlines. Earlier in 2013, his Naayak showcased his box office potential, and won him accolades. For also being Tourism Minister’s son, he got instant recognition in all political circles too.