Chandrababu taking people for a ride

Posted : September 26, 2012 at 9:32 am IST by ManaTelugu
Everyone knows that Chandrababu is politician to the core and will not leave any opportunity which will give him political mileage. He is going on his 117 day yatra hoping that people will recognize his sincerity during his regime and bring him back to power. But many feel that he is chameleon to the core who changes his colors according to the situation. Till recently when there were some signs that Cong would come up with some sort of announcement of telangana, he promised to write a letter on telangana pledging his support to the formation of state to Govt. however now noticing that there won’t be any such announcement he is conveniently skipping the issue.
This is one side of his face and on the other side he is famous for claiming any schemes which are beneficial to poor as his pet projects and fool people that they were introduced by him. Govts are using fees reimbursement schemes to rob people of money to serve the vested interests of Pvt colleges. However many benefited from the scheme but Babu who is claiming that it was his scheme, is renowned for making BC students pay full fees to the colleges. He is going on claiming Dwakra was introduced by him while the scheme was implemented across the country by the then PM in 1992. It is a shame that Babu is claiming credit for schemes which were not his schemes. Better CBN tell facts to people as they are no fools.