Chandra Babu’s political freebies

Posted : October 11, 2012 at 8:48 am IST by ManaTelugu
No one can beat Chandra Babu in Indian politics and for that matter even in world politics. That was the reason why political analysts hail him as modern day Chanakya. Many feel it was his manipulative power that got Hyderabad its international recognition with many top MNCs opening their off shore offices in the city. He even made the impossible possible by making the then US President Bill Clinton address business gathering in the heart of Hyderabad. Now many people feel that those golden days of Hyderabad’s glory is gone lost in the daily bandhs, hartals and strikes.

It seems even Babu is making a turn around in his padayatara to power. However hard he may try to project his yatra as that for the poor, everyone knows that his yatra is for power. All along his yatra he is promising freebies, which many feel are political freebies without even thinking of the feasibility and the burden it puts on the govt. He even goes to the extent of crediting his son Lokesh for all the freebies like unemployment money, free education, free power, free commodities and what not. 

Already opponents are branding him as ‘All Free Babu’ and it has to be seen whether there are any takers among people for his freebies.