Chandra Babu’s Love letter drama

Posted : September 22, 2012 at 7:50 am IST by ManaTelugu
Chandra Babu who is fast losing  credibility promised to write a letter supporting the formation of Telangana thus clarifying his party TDP’s stand to center. All telangana TDP leaders hailed Babu and even announced a day on which Babu will be posting his love letter on telangana to Center. However the due date came and went and nothing phenomenal happened.
TDP and CBN are now conveniently maintaining silence and are not talking about the letter at all. Chandra Babu started doing some drama flying to Delhi and raising hands with all his old friends. Even his TDP cadre and local leaders shifted focus, participating in hartals, dharnas and bandhs on various issues like price rise, farmers issues, petrol and fuel hikes, FDI investments in retail sector etc.
CBN a wily customer as he always is came out of telangana letter trouble by planning pada yatras, doing dharnas on various issues. However if he thinks he can fool the people of telangana with his flip flops thinking that their memories are short lived then he and his party are committing a grave blunder. Analysts feel people are waiting for the right opportunity to teach the political chameleons a fitting lesson.