Chandra Babu screens his T-Cinema

Posted : September 27, 2012 at 12:41 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Now that Chandra Babu got clear signals from Congress and its national leaders that they won’t be taking any decision on telangana and making it clear that telangana can be achieved only when all parties agree for the formation, wily TDP boss started screening his T-Cinema from yesterday night.
Till recently Babu and his TDP telangana leaders were shouting from the roof tops that their leader would write a letter to PM pledging his support to the formation of telangana. They did announce the date also but twice those deadlines passed and nothing came out from Babu’s hands. This once again highlighted Babu’s double standards.
Now that Cong doubly made it clear that Telangana will not be created instantaneously Babu released a letter yesterday night sent to PM asking him to call for All Party Meet on telangana. When many expected him to send letter of support for Telangana he just demanded PM for an all party meet. Telangana people feel that Babu is once again enacting T drama and cite his change of stand at the all party meet last time.
Many feel CBN’s steps will backfire on him rather than give any political mileage in the region of telangana. It has to be seen what will be the reaction of other telangana supporters on Babu’s T letter.