Centre’s solution to Telangana issue

Posted : January 15, 2013 at 4:19 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The central government has the idea of a Telangana Territorial Administration (TTA) instead of a separate state. The Union home ministry has envisaged a package, called the T-package, which they will reveal by the end of this month.

Only the broader aspects of this package have been worked out till now. The finer aspects will be worked out later, after the deliberations of Congress’chintan baithak at Jaipur. Insider sources have revealed that this TTA will have executive and financial powers. It will, however, have no legislative powers. In all probability, Hyderabad will be kept out of the TTA. The TTA will have a chief executive and a few executive. The category of councilors will be directly elected by the people.

The plan is that an Act of Parliament will be creating this TTA, which will later be cleared and passed by the President. A committee headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court will be created which will plan the details of TTA. The TTA will be enforceable in the 10-districts of Telangana. The TTA will be very similar to the arrangement which exists in Gorkhaland in West Bengal.

Political analysts say that Congress will take a conclusive stand on the formation of Telangana only after the 2014 polls as it is in no position to do it now. For now, all it wants to do with TTA is to pacify the Telangana proponents.