Centre raping Seemandhra !

Posted : February 3, 2014 at 12:09 am IST by ManaTelugu


Tempers are running high with TRS chief KCR starting Telangana movement which finally ended in the culmination of Union Govt deciding to table Telangana formation bill in the Parliament. All the parties are vertically divided with seemandhra leaders blasting Union Govt for the decision while telangana leaders supporting the Govt for the positive decision.

TDP’s president Chandra Babu who pioneered the two eyed policy is making his party leaders too follow the same. While Telangana leaders are supporting introduction of Telangana bill,seemandhra leaders are spitting venom on them. Chandra Babu is conveniently shifting stands according to situation.

Payyavula Keshav alleged Union Govt of raping Seemandhra people in the name of Article 3. He questioned how come Union Govt table the telangana bill which was rejected by Andhra Pradesh assembly in the parliament.

He even said if President signs his consent on Telangana bill according to the whims and fancies of Union Ministers Shinde,Jai Pal Reddy, leader Digvijay Singh and PM Manmohan Singh,then he will be branded as rubber stamp.