Center ready with ‘T’

Posted : November 16, 2012 at 10:14 am IST by ManaTelugu
Ruling Cong led UPA dispensation at Center is in no mood to bow to the pressures of its allies. It has been doing so for long and with elections looming large in just over year’s time it is planning to shed its letharginess. Even in Andhra Pradesh politics though it tired to pacify MIM and its leader Owaisi, it did not panic and even went to the extent of complaining against the party at SHRC accusing it of fueling regional feelings.

Now it is planning to solve telangana issue also on which it has been dillydallying. Now that Mamta is out of UPA who has been opposing division of states and Sharad Pawar engulfed in corruption charges, it decided to take them headon. Sources reveal that center will announce formation of regional board or grant special packages to the region before 22nd of this month.

Insiders reveal that it will in all possibility form Regional Development Board with either D.Srinivas or Sridhar Babu heading it.Cong is playing its cards carefully so that its interests in even coastal andhra and rayalaseema won’t be affected with its decision on telangana.