Censor war on ‘Peoples War’

Posted : September 13, 2012 at 8:41 am IST by ManaTelugu

Revolutinary director R.Narayanamurthy planned to open the eyes of the Govt and rulers with his film ‘Peoples War’ highlighting the fight of farmers against Sompet power plant. The film is up for release tomorrow. It is a well known fact that the film is inspired by real life incidents which highlights the peoples struggle and tribulations due to blind and adamant Govt. He in many of his interviews said that the film is peoples fight against the policies of Govt and will open the eyes of the Govt.
It seems Govt got the message as censor board started waging a war on ‘Peoples War’. They asked Murthy not to mention ‘sompet’ in his film. He was ultimately forced to change the name to ‘Someswarapeta’. Similarly he was forced to insert disclaimer at the start and end of the film stating that “This film is a work of fiction and does not refer to real life characters or incidents. Any resemblance is a co-incidence.”. To the top of it Censor Board awarded U/A certificate for the film. The censor board has also told Narayana Murty that there should not be any references to GO Nos. 1107 and 1108, concerning the Sompeta project.Powerless Narayanamurthy had to agree to all the suggestions Censor Board to get his film released.