Censor Board turns main villain

Posted : November 11, 2012 at 1:54 pm IST by ManaTelugu
In the controversy on Vishnu, Hansika starrer ‘Denikaina Ready’, while the main culprit is film maker Mohan Babu, Censor Board is the main villain. There should not be an iota of doubt that Mohan Babu’s film is most henious one in nature. For long it has become fashion for film makers to poke fun at soft targets Brahmin community their traditions, priests and their practices.
Denikaina Ready went one step ahead and insulted entire brahmin community and devotees who worship Goddess on whose name powerful Chandiyagam is performed. While film makers of Cameraman Gangato Rambabu, silently obliged the directions of the Govt committee and agreed for cuts, Mohan Babu chose to defy all of them and went to high court and got stay against the Govt order.
It may be temporary relief and one should not see it as defeat for brahmin community. Even when the committee showed him 20 cuts he did not agree his mistake though he placed a big public ad daring any one to show him the mistakes and he would rectify them. It is up to the Govt on how to deal with the Court when faced with these kind of problems over committee formation.

Govt has every right to ban a film if it hurts the sentiments of a community as happened in Kamasutra, Fire, Water, Panch, Bandit Queen, Davinci Code etc. However this episode showed that Censor Board is blind and is the first criminal. One wonder whether censor suggested any cuts for the scenes that were now being screened freely which are hurting the brahmins. Did EC or RC did not see any objections in the scenes or 20 cuts suggested by committee when they first viewed the film?How could Dhanalakshmi who is known to be tough officer turn blind to such scenes. There is nothing wrong in having committees when censor board is blind to the feelings of people though it is not legally binding. What punishment censor board members, RC, EC and Officer will get for permitting film makers hurt the sentiments of people?