Censor Board erases thin red line

Posted : November 2, 2012 at 7:18 am IST by ManaTelugu
During these days new releases are courting controversies even after passing through the strict review of members of the censor board. One wonder whether film makers or censor board members are going wrong. If so where they are going wrong. Had censor board and film makers discharged their duties effectively and honestly, controversies on ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’, ‘Denikaina Ready’ and ‘Woman in Brahminism’ wouldn’t have occurred.
Earlier last August ‘Mugguru’ starring Navdeep, Avasarala Srinivas, Rahul, Ali, Sraddha Das was released by SUresh Productions. The film consisted of three minute comedy clip according to the film makers. In that track there won’t be any dialogues and it will be a mookie. If one happen to watch that clip, it highlights the cheap and disgusting taste of film makers, directors and censor board members. Alll will agree in unison that Censor Board is not keen on providing any feel good films to movie lovers.
The comedy track stars off with Ali showing his index finger closing all ohters towards ohter heroes. From then on Ali and these three heroes will be seen moving one article and other and gives feeling that it pierced them in their private parts.The film is produced by Movie Moghul Ramanaidu and directed by VN.Aditya. If a kid asks their parents what was going on and their expressions, they will be embarrassed to the core.
Not all the members of the censor board get to watch the film and even those who watch will not get opportunity to express their objections. Most of the members doesn’t even know how to put their views on paper and some are scared of losing their post. They are in only due to their political and other influence. Even film makers are confident to get censor certificate and so they come to censor after announcing the release date.
Film makers dare not take chances of making fun of those religions and castes as they piss in their pants if they anger them and only find soft targets. In seemandra made films other region people will be seen as villains and vice cersa. Unless until movie lovers reject these kind of films, film makers will not change.