Celebrity Mothers Revealing Affairs

Posted : September 20, 2013 at 7:01 am IST by ManaTelugu

It is not that celebrity mothers are revealing their personal affairs, but they are actually spilling beans about the affairs of their daughters.

Take the case of Hansika for example. Reports have that she publicly tweeted about her affair with actor Simbu only after continuous persuasion from her mother. In fact, our apple pie siren’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to quit films and settle with our Tamil hero, but she wants public to know what is happening. Maybe we can say, a sort of ‘security’ for the future.

Also another love-affair between a singer and an upcoming struggling actor is made public because of mother only. Singer Chinmayi’s mother revealed to a media house that her daughter is in love with hero Rahul and they will get married soon. It is then, both Chinmayi and Rahul acknowledged it to the whole world.

Looks like, celebrity mothers are not giving a second chance for boys and they are taking a big leap in revealing the affairs of their daughters. Well, that’s the trend, no comments!