CBN’s health yatra?

Posted : October 4, 2012 at 7:26 am IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days what ever Chandra Babu does or says he is becoming laughing stock with his rival parties targeting him making fun of Babu. While some say that it is good for his health as walking is always good for health and took potshots at him saying that he might have planned the yatra on advice of his doctors.
Some of his rivals chose to rip him apart saying it is like fox trying to have strips of a tiger after watching it. Eventhough CBN is not replying barrel of funny comments are not stopping from his rivals. Some said that he should change the name of his yatra from ‘Vasutunna..meekosam’ to ‘Naa Kosam Vastunna’ etc.
They commented that CBN lost moral responsibility to conduct yatras as people will not believe him any more after getting popular as ‘two tongued babu’ and ‘double eyed Naidu’. However Babu is undeterred and is very much buoyed with the response he is getting in the yatra.
He is walking with farmers and is interacting with locals to get to know about their problems. It has to be seen whether all those who came to watch Babu will bring him back to power.