CBN Plan: Telangana for Beta, Coastal for Baap

Posted : November 12, 2013 at 10:59 am IST by ManaTelugu

From the timing that failed for others is fetching for the fortunate Chandra Babu Naidu now. As he gave the letter in support of Telangana, he is claiming that he is in favour of Telangana. At the same time as a fighter who has got  very much concern about the Seemandhra, he is claiming himself a Samaikyawaadi. This way Chandra Babu is “going ahead” now. As he is going ahead with the renouned mantra ‘Alaa Munduku pothunnam’ fetches to be positive for him, he is going to establish his reign on two regions. For this his strategy is very simple.

Chandra Babu made his son Lokesh as an incharge of Telangana party affairs. There are so many rumours that soon Lokesh would contest from Sherilingampalli which he can claim to be a Telangana area. But most of the  the voters there are high-tech like Chandra Babu. Hence the victory for Lokesh would be very easy. Then he claims to be the floor leader from Telugu Desam from Telangana. All the leaders who are dreaming for the next position after CBN like… Yerrabelli Dayakar Rao, Mothkupalli Narsimhulu would be just kept aside then.

Any way by fighting for the justice of Seemandhra people, tomorrow if Chandra babu could win the trust of Coastal and Rayalaseema people and get substantial votes, he would emerge as a floor leader there. Then in the above circumstances, if the state is bifurcated and the TDP could be with a comfortable number of MLA seats then… Lokesh would be the CM of Telangana state and CBN would be the CM of Seemandhra. If the bifurcation does not take place, any way the Chief Minister would none other than Chandra Babu only.

Here is a small other possibility. As a  person who ruled the wide united Andhra Pradesh for two terms, if Chandra Babu does not like to rule a comparatively smaller region Seemandhra, then he may make Balakrishna or any other person whom he consider to be the man who never back stab Chandra Babu would become CM. In this way all the Chances are for Balayya Babu only. This way one Mr. Lokesh Babu and other Mr. Balayya Babu will keep the reign of Chandra babu.

Who ever the Babu may be ultimately the only and Actual Babu, who is going to rule is Chandra Babu. This might be the strategy of CBN.