CBN-Kodandaram spring surprise

Posted : October 16, 2012 at 5:53 am IST by ManaTelugu
There is a popular saying in politics that there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics. This was proven right many times and now once again bitter rivals are teaming together to the surprise and shock of all. They are none other than TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu and TJAC President Kodandaram. This unison is more than 8th wonder in the world as TJAC led by Kodandaram along with KCR of TRSspit venom on Chandra Babu branding him as non entity in telangana region. They along with the people of telangana brandished him as traitor of telangana for his dual eye policy but g9iving benefit of doubt to Cong leaders who are following the same policy.
However now that with differences cropping up between KCR and Kodandaram as KCR maintaining stoic silence on telangana and moving closer to Congress and Kodandaram advocating rise in public protests, Kodandaram feels he needs some strong political backing. As Babu is on his padayatra and PM visiting Hyderabad today, he planned to conduct mass protests against PM showing the power of telangana. With KCR and TRS not interested in the protests, TDP which is for the protests is joining hands with TJAC. Already sources say both CBN and Kodandaram conversed over phone and now they will be in joint action.