Cancer playing hide and seek with Mamta Mohandas

Posted : October 31, 2013 at 7:12 am IST by ManaTelugu

Singer cum actor Mamata Mohandas has sizzled in the world of glamor with her looks, singing and acting talent. She rose to fame with her roles in Yamadonga and Homam, but to name a couple.

As fate would have although she was received well and her career was about to soar high and she had had the disastrous phase of her life. The girl was diagnosed of cancer.

Mamata a warrior by attitude braved it and emerged victorious from the battle with cancer and it was heard that she was recovered of the disease and the girl was seen at some public gatherings too.

But looks like cancer wants to play a peek-a-boo with the beautiful girl it is learnt that the cancer didn’t go into remission and is currently undergoing treatment for her second bout. There are many who fought hard and came out victorious, Yuvraj Singh and Manisha are examples. We wish and hope Mamata Mohandas too would brave it with all her courage and get back completely free of the disease. This is what we can wish her on Diwali.