Can Rahul’s ‘50’ score ‘6’

Posted : October 31, 2012 at 6:32 am IST by ManaTelugu

Cong High Command under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned to save its power by coming back to head Govt at center in 2014. Recently it reshuffled cabinet to give new look and escape from corruption allegations. Now Rahul Gandhi who till now did not taste victories where ever he campaigned shortlisted some 50 young leaders across the nation to form a core group or ‘Sena’ who will be entrusted the task of leading the party to victory. He selected 6 from Andhra Pradesh and to all of them he took induction classes at Bengaluru.
He asked them to conduct a survey in all constituencies and then suggest three names for each constituency. From AP Rahul shortlisted Rudraraju Padmaraju, K.Yadav Reddy, Kandula Lakshmi Durgesh, Former MLC Gidugu Rudraaraju,Women Leader Ganga Bhavani, Bhanu Prasad. Gidugu and Kandula will be going to Maharashtra, Bhanu Prasad for Odissa, Rudra Raja and Gangabhavani for TN and Yadav Reddy for Kerala. Incharges for AP is not yet known.
Till now Rahul’s best laid plans in all elections went for a toss as party tasted humiliations at the hands of opponents. Lets wait and watch how successful his latest strategy will be.