Can Pawan ‘Power’ The Politics Of AP?

Posted : July 25, 2013 at 1:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu
General elections are inching very fast and political parties are beating heads to come up with new deals, friendships and equations to grab the attention of voter bases in AP. One such hot favourite for political parties is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Can this star hero really power the politics of our state is the question in discussion now.

Pawan Kalyan means utmost ‘craze’ and we have witnessed this umpteen times at many cinema related events. Post merging of Prajarajyam Party into Congress, his silence over the political moves of his brother Chiranjeevi made him much wiser in the eyes of fans. Even after losing huge money with stints like Common man Protection Force and Yuvarajyam, Pawan never advocated hatred neither vented fumes on political surges. He maintained a concrete silence on everything, and this significantly upped his craze like never before. Not even a Chief Minister or any other Megastar is having as popularity and charisma as Pawan at the moment. Amidst these happenings, if at all Pawan declares his support to particular party, and then no doubt there will be impact on youth voters to change their choices. A cut-out of him merely does the job in rural areas, rocketing votes towards the party he is supporting formally and on paper.

Many a time, there are rumours that Pawan will join Telugudesam. Lately it is being heard that he is extending support to YSR-Congress party. With Pawan not giving any clue about support to his brother Chiranjeevi’s party, the Indian National Congress, many of his fans are confused about the political stand their hero will take, which they will obviously follow.

It’s not the question of if Powerstar will power AP politics or not, he will surely power it anyway. But it is which party he will be backing with his power.