Can KCR deilver KO punch?

Posted : December 5, 2012 at 9:43 am IST by ManaTelugu
TRS chief KCR contested many bouts on telananga battle ring now it has to be seen whether he can deliver knockout punch to his main opponent and new enemy Cong led UPA govt which insulted him couple of months back. KCR till recently never uttered a single word though Cong did not make its stand clear on Telangana though he went hammer and tongs on other opposition parties in state which have minimal or no role to influence the decision of the Govt.

Now with the elections fast approaching and telangana MPs fighting for their survival, they are in no mood to listen to even to their high command and Sonia whom they used to be scared some time back. They decided to stay away from MPs meet and gave ultimatum to act before Dec 9th or face the consequences. This is blessing in disguise for KCR and TRS which is reeling under pressure of not doing enough for telangana cause.

KCR deftly moved into act and started speaking to T MPs and now it has to be seen whether he can deliver Knock Out punch by breaking away some of the Mps and creating tension in Cong folds.