‘Cameraman’ tears for whom?

Posted : October 22, 2012 at 10:56 am IST by ManaTelugu
Pawan Kalyan in his own imitable manner delivered powerful performance as a reporter Rambabu in ‘Cameraman Gangato Ramababu’ directed by maverick Puri Jagannath who proved himself as a successful ‘Business Man’. Thanks to Pawan mania and ‘Gabbar Singh’ grandness the film opened to sky rocketing collections. However controversy plunged the film in deep crisis and now after the Govt committee cuts, it has to be seen for whom ‘Cameraman’ is presenting tears.

Pawan Kalyan-He is off in a flash and flew to foreign even  prior to the release of the film. As such though his reputation has taken a beating, it will be rising again as was seen during Komaram Puli case. So he did not make any losses.Many allege it was he who was behind this story.

Tamanna-Milky beauty Tamanna though got negative reviews for her role, won thumbs up for her beauty treat from masses though they were disappointed that she danced only in three songs.

Puri Jagannath-He drew most flak for directing this film fully aware of the story. There were allegations that due to his close links with YSRCP chief YS.Jagan, he made this film. However he was heard commenting that it was Pawan who insisted on the plot and he just penned the dialogues. He did not make much loss as he received his remuneration.

Danayya and Dil Raju-Dil Raju suffered the most and also the distributors and exhibitors in telangana region due to the controversy. It has to be seen how they will be compensated in the whole issue. On the positive side the film got immense media attention but overseas reports also suggest that all is not well even there.