Byreddy taking onTGV as Rayalaseema Rakshak?

Posted : October 3, 2012 at 10:38 am IST by ManaTelugu
While entire focus is on Chandra Babu’s much publicized 117day long pada yatra covering entire state, TDP leader Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy kickstarted his own yaatra yesterday to show the self esteem of Rayalaseema region in the name of ‘Rayalaseema Atma Gowrava Yatra’. Whenever telananga movement reaches its peak leaders from rayalaseema region will be up in arms demanding separate state for the region in case of formation of telanangana. They say that they can not co exist with coastal Andhra people.
Byreddy the moment CBN sent a letter to PM Manmohan seeking an all party meet on Telangana, lashed out at him saying he has nothing to do with him and started going on his yatra. Even before that Byreddy planned to go on yatra. One wonder whether he has his own compulsions to do so. He is keen on fighting for his survival and is taking on Cong strong man from the region TG.Venkatesh. Byreddy attacked Babu for becoming Rayalaseema traitor even though hailing from the same region.
He took on people from coastal Andhra alleging that they were hellbent on robbing the natural resources of the region rather than recognizing the sacrifices made by the people of the region. He lashed out that right from british rule to CM Kiran’s rule everyone robbed rayalaseema and he wants separate state for the region.