Bus Stop opens flood gates !

Posted : November 18, 2012 at 12:38 am IST by ManaTelugu
Success of Bus Stop directed by Maruthi seems to be opening flood gates for similar type of movies from small film makers.Film makers who are aspiring to achieve success are in awe with Maruthi’s success with the films like Ee Rojullo and Bus Stop. Both the films targeted college goers,youth and genex viewers with ‘A’ rated double meaning dialogues. Since both the films achieved stupendous success and Maruthi even bagging golden offers from mega camp, even other film makers are willing to tread the same line.
They are of the opinion that with some appealing story line, title and youthful elements loaded with double meaning dialogues even they can score hits which are now becoming rarity in the industry. Many feel that youth will throng theaters for such kind of films.Already one film titled College Days posters are catching the attention of all and Sorry Teacher earlier attracted all. But the film landed in trouble for its content.But analysts warn that not all the films will be meeting with the same result and it depends on many other factors. A little bit deviation will have different results altogether.