Bus Stop beauty’s bold statements

Posted : November 28, 2012 at 10:17 am IST by ManaTelugu
Sri Divya impressed all with her performance in Bus Stop under the direction of Maruthi is now shocking all with her bold statements. Sri Divya who made her debut with ‘Manasara’ in tollywood, became popular with recently released Bus Stop. More than her acting and performance, it was her double meaning dialogues and ‘A’ content dialogues she caught the attention of movie analysts and general public.

Sri Divya speaking about her future, says both her films in Tollywood got her good name and recognition. She said she will not take any hasty decision in signing her future ventures. She however promised that if she doesn’t take care and tread carefully, at the beginning she can not attain stardom even if she indulges in skin show.

However in her bid to assure film makers she promised to indulge in skin show and hot scenes if the situation demands and film makers can convince her according to the storyline.Now it has to be seen which hero and film makers will take note of Sri Divya’s statements and offer her juicy and meaty roles.