Bunny And Cherry Disappointed A Lot

Posted : November 18, 2013 at 11:00 am IST by ManaTelugu

It always goes like this in film industry. Whenever an actor gets craze or a song gets huge popularity, then people will try to make the most of them. Generally song lyrics turn into film titles, here our makers have turned nicknames of two heroes into the film name.

For starters, ‘Bunny And Cherry’ is the name of an upcoming Telugu movie with quite obvious reasons that they will cash on the craze those names involved the title are having. It is already known that Ram Charan is fondly called as Cherry, our stylish hero Allu Arjun is nicknamed Bunny since childhood. The theatrical trailer of this flick titled ‘Bunny And Cherry’ released the other day, and the output is mind-blowing for the kind of terrible filming and uninteresting narration. Except the point that two heroes, played by Prince and Mahat, gets accidently replaced with each other’s brain, the trailer lacks minimum film-making looks.

If at all we are using some powerful names that are connected with millions of fans, one should ensure that a best output is delivered. If an YouTube short film kind of movie is being made with such a title, it is a different case if the film flops but it will be an insult those big star-names too.