Budget rail leaves AP empty handed !

Posted : February 27, 2013 at 6:56 am IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever Budget time arrives whether rail budget or any other, AP people will wait expectantly whether there will be something to cheer in it. However people will be left only cursing their shameless MPs who are more interested in realizing their personal ends. People of AP sent more than 30 MPs twice helping Cong led UPA form Govt but it got nothing in return.
Even though Minister of State from railways come from this time, nothing substantial was achieved. WHile one expert say “There is no mention of the second phase of the MMTS in Hyderabad. Similarly, there is no reference to development of Tirupati and Secunderabad as world-class railway stations, a promise made in the previous year’s budget. The long-pending and popular request for inclusion of Visakhapatnam division in the South Central Railway has not been addressed. And no effort was made to complete the projects which were already being executed,” , another feels “They are just on paper and unless there is money, they cannot be implemented,”

Even though Railways make lump sum profits from Southern Railways, they shift those profits to their states, robbing people from South India enjoy the benefits.