‘Buddodu’ hurts Harish Shankar

Posted : October 7, 2013 at 6:13 am IST by ManaTelugu

Power Director Harish Shankar says that he loves his heroes like anything. He says he believes in ‘hero worship’ and all his movies will feature heroism elevating scenes and dialogues. He likes to pen dialogues that will instantly catch the attention of those respective heroes. In Gabbar Singh he wrote a dialogue on Pawan Kalyan’s Tikka and that was lapped up by everybody and raised the expectations on the film.

For Ramayya Vastavayya, he came up with ‘Buddodu’ dialogue which raised few eyebrows besides being popular among NTR fans. Harish said that he doesn’t like to hear someone call his hero as ‘Buddodu’. He feels that as a derogatory remark against NTR. Only close associates and fans of NTR are eligible to call him with such names, Harish said. Hence he targeted all others who call him Buddodu in a brutal way… by saying ‘guddaloodadeesi kodatha’.

Buddodu dialogue raised some sort of controversy as many felt that Harish Shankar and NTR gave a retort to TV channels that aired derogatory programs on the latter. Harish Shankar clarifies that he didn’t target any media house with that dialogue. That was written only because of his love towards his hero it seems. We have information that there are many more sensational dialogues in this film that would become talk of the town once the film hits the marquee.