This Breakup Is Hansika’s Mistake?

Posted : November 23, 2013 at 8:10 am IST by ManaTelugu

For every breakup that happens and for every affair that comes to an end, Tamil superstar Simbu always takes up the blasting. But it seems like this breakup has nothing to do with him now. This time it is his partner who took the call. Check this story.

Much hyped affair of the season is nothing but the love story of Simbu and apple pie beauty Hansika. In a most shocking way, this affair of three months ever since it is revealed to public has come to an end. Though neither of this couple admitted that publicly, Hansika is busy giving indications about the breakup, while her family acknowledged it. But this time, it is not Simbu who called it quits like the way he has done it with Nayantara earlier.

As our hero asked his ex-flame Nayantara to be a part of his next project, it is heard that Hansika has felt insecure and decided to keep a full-stop to their relation. Also, Hansika’s mother is not happy with Simbu from a long time and somehow they too want the split to happen. So, it looks like Hansika has blown horn and put the fire off in this relation, rather Simbu. What say folks?