Brahmins – Tollywood’s Punching Bag

Posted : October 25, 2012 at 6:58 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood film makers find some soft targets and make them laughing stock in their films in the name of entertainment. They try to pass their cheap dialogues that hurt the sentiments of particular community and section of people, as healthy comedy. People at the spurt of the moment may laugh at that time but after second thoughts even they will be wondering how could they have laughed at those dialogues.

Some of the soft targets of film makers include lecturers, police force, priests. They show lecturers and principals as jokers and buffoons with students making them striptease in front of full public gaze. They highlight eve teasing as heroism even though they realize that in real life those acts are forcing females to commit suicides and rapes are increasing day by day.They show entire police force as dishonest and sometimes jokers who doesn’t know basic English.

Their favorite punching bag is Brahmin community and priests in particular. They depict them as novices in their profession, don’t know any traditional rituals. One can see that in Adurs where MS.Narayana was shown he doesn’t have any knowledge of 18 sakthi peethas. In Denikaina Ready, Brahmin woman was shown comparing everyone with her husband AVS and even dancing with them falling on their shoulders. Not to say about the dialogues which mocked Brahmins overall. These films are only examples and there are many in most of the films.

Even Censor Board and Govt’s apathy towards Brahmin community is well known as they know that Brahmins are the most tolerant lot and don’t have enough political power to indulge in violence unlike other communities and force Govt to act. This was seen as no action was taken on film ‘Women in Brahminism’ despite wide spread agitations.