Brahmins must felicitate Manchu family

Posted : November 3, 2012 at 9:44 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood film makers for long have been under the impression that comedy and entertainment in films invariable should involve making fun of Brahmins. They had a strong belief that any successful storyline should have a Brahmin role donned by a comedian who will be bashed by the main roles and made fun of by one and all. People were witness to Brahmin roles getting beaten or doing unwanted things, trying to get favors from reddys and naidus in the films and even perform rituals singing film songs in the same of mantras. They were shown as uneducated, novices about their own rituals. Brahmanandam, MS.Narayana, Iron Leg Shastri played many such roles. Roles of Iron Leg Sastry getting kicked at the back in each of the film would have surely hurt Brahmins.
However film makers know that Brahmins are very timid and will not protest even if their feelings are hurt. Mohan Babu made ‘Denikaina Ready’ with Manchu Vishnu with the same impression. The film crossed all its limits when they showed powerful ritual like ‘Chandi Homam’ being performed by a muslim and all others including Dharmavarapu unaware of any traditional rituals. AVS wife was shown as remembering every touch of any male to that of her husband. Even then protests would have died down had Mohan Babu kept quiet. But he insulted Brahmins saying they are beggars and not Brahmins and he would give them alms.
As it this was not enough his son Vishnu beat them black and blue uniting them to the core. Brahmins for the first time like other castes showed their power and film makers will think twice before making fun of them. For that Brahmins should felicitate Manchu family as they played important role in uniting them rather than do ‘pinda pradanams’ or abuse them.