Brahmi boasts of making stars!

Posted : February 5, 2013 at 9:04 am IST by ManaTelugu
No one can reach the echeleons of Tollywood like star comedian Brahmi. All heroes and film makers believe strongly if proper script is there Brahmi’s presence will be sure shot to success. However there are lot of rumors about Brahmanandam that he will never encourage anyone and try to suppress and stall the growth of budding talent using his influence with the directors. Film Nagar is abuzz that it was due to Brahmanandam’s brakes careers of Venu Madhav, Tillu,Dhanraj and Ramesh is not going to next level.

Brahmanandam who is fed up of all these rumors decided to put an end to all of them stating that he made stars of many people. He said he helped many providing offers and says it was he who told SV.Krishna Reddy to make Ali as hero and also in the same way requested EVV.Satyanarayana to take MS.Narayana in Maa Naannaki Pelli. Brahmi even boasted that it was due to him Tagubotu Ramesh got the role in Rajamouli’s prestigious venture Eega.He said due to Eega Ramesh is getting many offers.