Boyapati scare for mega fans!

Posted : January 19, 2013 at 8:43 am IST by ManaTelugu
There are few disappointed mega fans who claims that Nayak is a routine subject. But whatever are the comments, movie is no doubt a block buster. Every mega fan is definitely happy on seeing Chiranjeevi in Charan in this film. And the grace in dance of charan making them double happy. But the announcement a new film with Boyapati after ‘Yevadu’ is really scaring mega fans saying ‘Baboy Boyapati’. Reason could be the violent action scenes in Nayak. Fans are worried about too much about the heavy violence in the movie and the cruelty in the way villians are showed in the movie.
But the new project with Boyapati is scaring the fans literally as Boyapati is very famous for extravagance in violence which was proved in his earlier films. They are expecting a good story instead of unwanted violence in the film.