Boss, This Is Still Andhra Pradesh

Posted : August 26, 2013 at 7:11 am IST by ManaTelugu

Telangana based lawyers have filed a petition in Nampally CBI Court today saying that Y S Jagan should not be allowed to continue his deeksha in Chanchalguda prison. They accused that Jagan is conspiring in the prison to make Hyderabad as a permanent capital for United AP.

In the wake of Jagan’s indefinite fast demanding equal justice for all region of people, T-lawyers filed a petition seeking transfer of Jagan to some other jail in Andhra region, but not Chanchalguda. They stressed that if Jagan continues his protest in Hyderabad based prison, law and order cum peace will be disrupted in the city. CBI Judges have considered the petition and will be pronouncing their verdict on it soon. However political observers are shocked with the way T-lawyers are behaving.

‘This is still Andhra Pradesh state and people from any region in the state could take up protests anywhere. How come Jagan’s protest will disrupt peace when the agitations like million-march where government properties are destroyed and still T-leaders are continuing their protests?’ an observer asked. A YSR-C leader felt that if Jagan got no right to protest in Hyderabad, then even T-agitators too got no right to showdown in the capital city. Until bifurcation happens, this city belongs to all three regions and how can only Telangana people use the city for protesting?

If this is the situation even before the process of bifurcating this state is started, imagine the plight of Seemandhra people here after Telangana is formed, said a political observer.